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Mary Pritchard, PhD

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I can answer questions about the psychology of eating, disordered eating attitudes and behaviors such as drive for thinness, drive for muscularity, binge eating, body dysmorphia, dieting, excessive/obsessive exercise, and body dissatisfaction. I can also answer questions about anorexia and bulimia.

Experience in the area

I have a PhD in Psychology and teach courses in the Psychology of Health and the Psychology of Eating. I have been conducting research on disordered eating and exercise behaviors for 15 years.


Midwestern psychological association, rocky mountain psychological association


Over 50 peer-reviewed journal articles in journals such as Eating Behaviors, Eating Disorders, and Eating and Weight Disorders


PhD in Psychology from the University of Denver

Awards and Honors

30 teaching awards, have received funding to conduct my research from academic institutions and state and local government

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Recent Answers from Mary Pritchard, PhD

2017-03-03 "Relapse":

Oh no! I am so sorry you are going through this Steve. Is it possible for you to start seeing a therapist and/or a dietitian who specializes in eating disorders? I know it wasn't a possibility the last

2016-11-06 Connection?:

Steve,    Please see your health care provider immediately. Shortness of breath can be an early warning sign of heart failure. Please go to the ER or see your family physician immediately and please let

2016-08-24 ice eating habit:

Hi Manahil,    This may or may not be eating-disorder related. For example, many with iron-deficiency anemia crave ice. In fact, that is the most common cause of this particular craving. Have you had a

2016-07-24 Food issues:

Hi Steve,     I am so sorry you are going through this. You are experiencing the side effects of your eating disorder. It sounds, from your description, like you have the binge-purge subtype of anorexia

2015-05-16 Bulimic Family Member:

Hi Stephen,    I do not envy you. Broaching the topic of an eating disorder with a family member is not an easy task.    Are you thinking of approaching your cousin or approaching his wife? If you approach


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