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Recent Answers from Russell Spataro

2017-02-20 No weeping holes in sliding glass doors:

The weep holes are suppose to be on the outside and not inside. Without seeing a picture of it or seeing it in person, the only thing I can think of if is...when the windows were made and put together

2017-02-07 Entry and Security Doors:

The $1744 price is insane, unless you are making the are making a 30" entry door opening to a larger 36" entry door. And even then, there is no way it should cost that much. The only way it would even

2016-04-27 Sliding glass door framing:

I see why he wants to use 2x6" to frame in door opening. Since the porch studs look like they are 24" on center instead of the standard 16" on center, as normal wall would be, over a short time there wouldn't

2016-04-27 Sliding glass door framing:

I can give you a better answer if I saw a picture of the opening. When I build a new house, I use double 2x4"s nailed together on each side of the sliding door frame and a double 2x10" or 2x12"s on top

2015-09-30 Broken glass in window:

To me it sounds like this couple are scammers. The car break in story sounds very suspicious. Did the break in happen while his car was parked outside your town house?  My first thoughts are ...did the


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