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I can answer questions on anything relating to online marketing, content creation, content marketing, social media engagement and strategy, organic SEO, web design and conversion optimisation.

Experience in the area

Over 14 years of working in the area with small businesses and start ups right through to massive international brands including Samsung, Logitch, MSI and Microsoft! Check me out on LinkedIn to see some of my endorsements.



Professional blogger for the past 18 months contributing regularly to a number of professional websites including Social media today, UK Marketing network and Business 2 Community.

Past/Present Clients

Microsoft Logitech Redbull (current, new client we are doing a web development project for)

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Recent Answers from Shell Robshaw-Bryan

2016-05-28 Perception:

Firstly sorry for the delayed response, I've been on holiday.    I wouldn't call it gaming the system, because really, what do you achieve by liking your own content? However, I think liking your own posts

2015-05-16 online selling:

Hi Liza    This depends entirely on the market you wish to sell into, as it will depend on how much competition already exists in the sector, how much demand there is, and how unique your product offering

2015-02-14 blogger site help:

Hello, it is not surprising that you are not making any adsense earnings as your traffic is actually still quite small and your website is still very new. In fact most of the traffic you are getting might

2015-02-03 Free advertising:

You don't say what country you are in, or if you want to advertise your business or specific properties you have available, so my advice covers both objectives.    Go to Google and search for business

2014-10-15 Marketing A Marketing Business:

Hello Laura    Firstly, sorry for the delayed response!    Unfortunately, I can't answer your question on the specifics of writing a business plan as i've never written one, so it is outside of my area


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