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I can answer questions all related to not only the start-up of an online business but how to market the online business. There are many methods used in the marketing of an online business which include the usual SEO methods but then the use of Webinars and giving great content through social media is also an integral part of the marketing.

Experience in the area

I have owned my own offline business for 14 years which still remain successful today due to the growth through our online presence. Then formerly in 2010 I started my own second business which is an online business where I physically built 300 websites-have them hosted and sell affiliate products on them in all different niches. Having a passive income is amazing! It gives me freedom, time and money.


Local and Regional Tourism bodies which are: Scenic Rim Tourism Association and Brisbane Marketing. I am a current member of the Warpies Elite program and Currently a VIP member of the World Internet Summit group


Amazon I published a book - BOOM! For the Baby Boomers which was released on 2nd August.


Completed to grade 10 at school, became a registered nurse, worked hard, achieved a degree in Midwifery, Psychiatry, Orthopedics, Phlebotomy, and Diabetic Educator. In the year 2000 I started my own business, qualified for a commercial MR Drivers License, became an accredited tour operator, completed 2 extensive web courses and have continued my education of marketing and the internet to this current day.

Awards and Honors

I have received 10 regional and state tourism awards in 13 years which include runners up in the 2008 Qld State awards. I also came top of my Next Level Internet Marketing Course in 2011

Past/Present Clients

I have hundreds of testimonials from past and current clients.We have earned $106 after our first week in and are so excited for the future.Thanks again Kym Caswall Brisbane. Iam massively grateful and feel very privileged to have Judi as a mentor. Judi is awesome sauce! She has assisted me in making my first return on the internet of $150 after me trying for a year on my own not successfully. - Scott(esji)Wrigley Tasmania $4000 per month Thanks Judi after 5 months now earning $4000 per month a great supplement to my wage!Alan Richie Gold Coast

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