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I can answer questions on Courtney`s childhood and family, her early career, her band Hole, her solo career including information on rare tracks and Courtney`s acting career from her early days to now. I can provide links and resources to help you track down hard to find information, music, interviews, images, video footage and more. I cannot answer questions on Kurt Cobain unless the question deals with his relationship with Courtney or Hole.

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I have been an avid fan of Courtney Love since 1991 and have a collection of over two thousand clippings and articles as well as a huge collection of music, video footage and books dealing with Courtney Love and Hole. As a journalist I have published several articles on Courtney and written reviews of releases by her band Hole and her work as a solo artist.


Magazines in Australia: Flimink, Blunt, Metro, Total Screen, Soap World, PC Whiz, Inpress, Beat, Brag, Revolver.


Bachelor of Film and Sociology with Honours
Bachelor of Media and Communications

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