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2017-03-14 What do these things mean?:

First of all, what a lot of people fail to mention is that the bible is riddled with misleading translations.  This is not to say that they are false translations insomuch as they are taken out of context

2016-04-29 Sacrilege- old churches:

To the best of my knowledge, I can not really fathom any particular reason that this would be considered sacrilegious.  As a matter of fact, repurposing old churches has even become somewhat of a tradition

2016-04-04 purgatory:

Purgatory is merely a doctrinated concept of the Roman Catholic church.  It appears nowhere in the bible or other noncanonical text.  It was merely a concept to describe the after-life's spiritual realm

2016-03-27 questions...:

To start with, hell is not eternal.  This is to say that Hell is often misdefined as the Lake of Fire. These are too separate things.  Hell was created and reserved for Satan, devils, his creations and

2016-03-23 Gays & Lesbians, How Evil Is This ?:

Although this is one of the more contriversial biblical topics of today, knowing the truth will help clear this up.  But it doesn't make it easier when it comes to explaining it to other people since it


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