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I can answer a variety of questions related to living as a modern day Christian. I can answer questions about day to day living as a Christian. How should a Christian handle conflicts at home and at work? What should Christians do when faced with impossible choices? What Bible passages are most helpful in resolving specific issues? How is the Bible relevant today? Is there a God and how can we be sure? Is the Bible true?

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I have been a consistent student of the Bible for over 20 years. I have lived as a Christian for over 25 years. I was a full time minister for almost four years. I have taught various Bible classes on many different topics such as marriage, child rearing, stress management, anxiety, Christian dating, becoming a follower of Jesus, and many more.


CNN iReport, Church of Christ,, and Yahoo Contributors.


Amazon and Barnes and Noble: Immanuel's Bride and the Holy Spirity: Building a Whole New World, Yahoo Contributors,, and CNN iReport.


I have a BA in Psychology from Princeton Universiy. I am a certified Elementary and Middle School teacher. I speak four languages (English, French, Spanish and Creole).

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Recent Answers from Mario Depeine, Sr.

2016-04-22 climate change and scripture:

Hi Mr. B,    You are right.  The Bible does say that the world will be destroyed by fire.    in the same chapter, it also says:  10 The day of the Lord will come as a robber comes. The heavens will pass

2016-02-25 What Is God, Alien Being, Super Ghost ?:

Hello William,    You are right!  The Bible, on many occasions, says, "Do not worship any other gods."  There is only ONE TRUE God.  He created all things and all beings.  He also created Lucifer, Satan

2016-02-24 What Is God, Alien Being, Super Ghost ?:

Hi William,    I am glad that I could help a little.  From Genesis to Revelations, their is only one story about one God!  The Bible is split into the Old and New Testatments.  The Old Testament portrayed

2016-02-18 What Is God, Alien Being, Super Ghost ?:

Hi William,    The same God Who created Adam and Eve is the same God Who sent them out of the Garden of Eden.  Also, God is Spirit and His worshippers must worship Him in Spirit and truth (see John 4:24)

2014-12-24 ressurection of the soul after death:

We have a soul that only God can keep alive or destroy (Matthew 10:28).  The soul can be destroyed in hell, by God.  No one else has the authority to destroy the soul.    You are right.  The Bible makes


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