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Chris Eilertsen


Technical questions about specific Trampoline skills of all levels. Trampoline, how it affects Ariel Skills for Diving, Wake & snow Boarding, Ariel Skiing, Sky Diving, Pole vaulting, High Jumping, Tumbling, Double Mini, Power Tumbling, Cheerleading, Wrestling, football, Martial Arts, Movie stunts, and Gymnastics.

Experience in the area

36 years on the trampoline 5 time National Champion 3rd in the World championships in 72 Nissen World cup champion in 75, World Spaceball Champion 79 Masters National Champion 98. All around NCAA Gymnast U of M and MSU. Cheerleader MSU and Sky diver ( RW on my 5th jump 6 man) and track High Jump, Pole Vaulting (Tied School record with 8 jumps). Diving State level and professional High diver 110 ft., Wrestling, City Champion Karate 7 years trained under Bill Wallace and Trained Several World Champions in Trampoline .First person to do a triple twisting triple back (Full full full) 1974. (not in Competition)


Former AAU, USTA, USGF, FIT 8 years international Judges Certificate.USGA, Trampoline Safety Certification


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BA MSU 79, Studied U of M and Universitat Wein. FIT International Judges Certificate 1972-1981 Trampoline Safety Certificate #2 Cedar Rapids Iowa Nissen Corp. Past USGA Gymnastic Safety certified.

Awards and Honors

Many National Jr.Olympic and Sr. AAU, USTA, USGF, USGA and World FIT & World Cup competition Titles 10 years AAU USA all American team member.

Past/Present Clients

Zeno Steiger, and Kurt Bachler for Ruth Keller, Dr. Rugheimer For Mary and Mac, Trained Frankie Bare for the worlds first tripple tripple on Skis, Dave Ransom to Work with Stuart and Renee' and Ann Thompson.George Szypulla MSU Clinic instructor Taught and trained at several National and International Clinics. Am available for Private coaching.Trained with Many National and World Champions.

What do you like about this subject?

Trampoline is Fun and one of the best aerobic exercises anyone can do. It should be taken seriously and respected at all times.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

How to live a long healthy life in shape.

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