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I can answer any question related to Water Wells, Water Pumps and Water Filtration.

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Recent Answers from Robert Tabor

2016-11-03 water issue:

Hi Gabe,    Any softener should give you that soapie feeling as the minerals (small microscopic rocks) are removed and you don't feel them anymore.  This makes your skin feel slippery.  It's not soap like

2016-10-17 Well Pump Runs Constantly When Water Is On:

Motors don't like cycling.  It's better that it keeps running while the sprinklers are on.  Your motor will last much longer that way.    As far as bladder tanks go, if it waterlogged, it's gone bad.

2016-07-13 sulfur removal:

With a PH of 6.8 your iron filter will not work as well as it would with a PH of 7 or higher.  The unit I sell can remove either sulfur or iron or sulfur and iron.  The sulfur/iron unit simply has more

2016-07-13 sulfur removal:

I offer the system also; but before I bought anything I would check my water.      Here in Florida we have 2", 3", 4" and 5" domestic wells.  The two inch and three inch wells were drilled over 40 years

2016-03-20 shallow well connection:

Four feet isn't a lot of water, but I've seen a lot of shallow wells with not much water pump like crazy.  A good rule of thumb is to look for 10 to 15 gpm.  That's about all you can get from one.  If


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