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I can probably answer most general questions about the history of science, technology and engineering from ancient to current; if I don't know a specific answer I can probably refer a questioner to an appropriate source. I have done original research in the history of computing and in British science and engineering in the 17th, 18th and early 19th centuries.

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I am a PhD student at the University of York, writing about the carrying trade in the 18th century; my previous work at the university includes the early history of plate railways. I have taught courses in the history of science and engineering at York and other universities, and have presented several papers on various subjects in this field at academic conferences. I am also a practicing civil engineer.


BA--Berkeley, MSc--Berkeley, MA--York, currently working on a PhD at York.

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Well OK Ruben, you've stumped me!  That's an interesting question.  The only response I have, and it's totally not helpful, is that it seems most cultures have considered the earth a flat plane of some

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Hi Adam--that's a great question!  I think the short answer is 'none'; physical scientists study physical things, and social scientists study human groups (generally; sometimes psychology is considered

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Hi Sam--thanks for your question! Let's see, excluding the past 250 or so years, I'd suggest four important periods of technological development in world history (though please bear in mind that I'm not

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OK, I was at the university library last night and picked up two books on Robert Hooke--one was the one I'd mentioned previously, which seems to have nothing in it about cells, and the other was this one:

2014-11-07 Date of Robert Hooke's discovery of cells:

Hi Rose--thanks for writing.  You've already done what I would have done and checked Hooke's public writings, though as I'm sure you know neither Hooke nor anyone else in his milieu can really be considered


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