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I can answer questions about relationships with various different people and personalities that include devotees. I also can give advice on different parts of your relationship went to notice abuse and the different types of abuse. I can also help you sort out your feelings and see if the relationship is genuine.

Experience in the area

for about six years I have dated many different people. I tried online dating, met many different people. When out to parties, met strange people. Been on blind dates, met some questionable people. And finally took a chance to try online dating again and met my fiancée and father of my child. I have dated devotees along with men who pitied me or used me to fulfill a dare. I have also been through court issues dealing with restraining orders and battered woman syndrome. It's not easy to talk about but it does help.


my education stems from my experience from each man I have dated. I can give advice, and I'm really good at reading signs and reading people's personalities to see if they're compatible.

Past/Present Clients

My past and current clients are not online people, They are people who I've known for years. I was just the one who finally decided to do something about being lonely. I am happy to say that the people around me who have my disease or similar diseases are starting to notice that the dream is available for them as well.

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