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Probate estate and trust questions regarding California and Arizona estates.

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I've been practicing real estate, probate estate and trust law in California since 1985 and in Arizona since 2005. I do NOT do homework questions. I am unable to advise on questions involving the laws of other states.


Arizona and California State Bar Associations and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.


Business degree from the University of New Mexico Juris Doctorate from Lincoln Law School of Sacramento, CA

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2016-08-27 beneficiary:

Thanks for the clarification. First, you should state that you have no children, natural or adopted in the document -- no need to name the niece/nephews etc -- just children have to be referenced or an

2016-08-26 beneficiary:

This would work as a matter of contract between you and the financial institutions, but only as to those assets;  if you have real estate, motor vehicles, etc then if you don't have a will, the State of

2016-08-15 items in a will vs. beneficiary:

See if your motor vehicle registry (dept of motor vehicles/motor vehicle division etc) has a procedure for "non-probate transfer" of a vehicle,  In California for example, they have a form that is used

2016-07-23 Life tenant:

No inheritance tax but are you sure about who is the life tenant?   Usually the elder parent deeds the house to the kids and reserves a life estate for himself.  You described just the opposite so I'm

2016-07-20 protecting 84 yr old mothers money:

I wish I had better news but the answer is nothing. There is a 5 year lookback on transfers of large assets like this -- she could transfer it now to relatives BUT if she were to die within that 5 year


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