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Probate estate and trust questions regarding California and Arizona estates.

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I've been practicing real estate, probate estate and trust law in California since 1985 and in Arizona since 2005. I do NOT do homework questions. I am unable to advise on questions involving the laws of other states.


Arizona and California State Bar Associations and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.


Business degree from the University of New Mexico Juris Doctorate from Lincoln Law School of Sacramento, CA

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Recent Answers from LEE HORNER ESQ.

2017-04-01 Will question / Followup:

I don't recall unclaimed property being in play -- when it's held by the state they have a claim procedure and you should be able to get the claim form on line.  Was the will signed and witnessed?  If

2017-03-27 Will question:

Amended answer:  things have changed in Texas and they have regular probate court proceedings.  I would suggest you retain a Texas attorney in the county where the decedent lived; he or she can answer

2017-01-04 title transfer:

Keep in mind the will can be changed at any time while your dad is alive and your siblings may encourage that.   This is a bit out of my area but let me suggest you contact your county elder abuse people

2017-01-03 title transfer:

Yes - exactly what I was looking for.  Your parents held the property as "tenancy by the entireties" which is a concept I can't tell you much about except that it's just for married people.    What you

2017-01-03 title transfer:

First thing get a copy of his deed and see how title reads as to him and your mom. Joint tenants maybe?  Send me a follow up question with that info and we can go from there.


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