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I can answer most condo questions when it comes to Documents and Amendments in the state of Florida. Most other states seem to have similar condo regulations. I am not a condo lawyer so when it comes to things out of my expertise l will not be able to address them. Since l have experienced most issues a condo board could experience l will be able to answer all questions.

Experience in the area

I have been the President of my 55 and over Condo Association now for over 8 years. I have been on my board as VP for 4 years before that. I have experience with taking condo owners to court and what to or not to do. I have experience when condo owners do not pay their fees or late with their fees. There are far too many things that can do wrong for me to list them here that l have had experience with. I also sit on my Master Association Board where over 12,000 people live. So you see l have many years of experience that l may be able to handle. I also retired after working over 35 years in a Retail Middle Management position not only in store level but also in the main office of many major retail chain stores


I belong to a major condo association that is consistently keeping board members aware of any changes in Condo law.


Sun Sentinel Newspaper


I hold a BA in Business Management and a ASSO Degree in Communication

Awards and Honors

I have been the subject of many articles written by our newspaper about condo subjects which included the issues with following condo procedures, how to solve condo disputes and how when is the right time to take action. I have been asked to be a guest speaker as part of a 5 member panel (Whom the other 4 members were all lawyers) in front of a large group of people sponsored by our newspaper at a major college. The subject at this meeting was on problems condos face and how to handle these problems. Following procedures and creating procedures that make sense.

What do you like about this subject?

I happen to love what l do. Even with all the problems that a Condo Board Member faces and even though it is a thankless job I would never trade this off for anything else

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Everyday we learn things that we never knew. You should not stop learning about condo issues. The laws change as fast as learn the last new change.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

There are times we gain satisfaction from running a condo when the condo owners thank you for a job well done

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First sorry l am late in replying l just signed onto my emails.    As far as condo law l can only talk about Florida where l know condo law.  However what you are talking about l am able to generalize

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Ok let me try to explain in detail how this whole thing should go down.  First I can only answer your question based on condo law in the state of Florida.   The simple thing the board must first do is

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I can only talk about the state of Florida. Here is Florida when someone is late they send the person a note after being late two weeks.  Besides being late they add a late fee which by law here can only

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When you make a change to your documents you have to register these changes with Broward County. If you are able to try looking over the Internet site of Broward County Clerks office. If you can't find

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First l am sorry l did not get right back to you, I was away for a day.. But l am back and ready to answer your question.  When you first buy a condo in the state of Florida. The person you are buying


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