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I can answer most questions about the history of the group & about most of the songs. I also have knowledge about the individual members.

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I have been a fan of this trio from the begining in the 60's. As a musician, I have also played alot of their music.

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Recent Answers from Jan Greenberg

2011-11-15 csny 4 way street album:

Hi Kari,    I'm not sure why all the different cat #'s but I do know that when records were the way music was distributed, record companies did all kinds of things to track sales.  Maybe the different

2009-04-12 CSN Band Members:

Hi Ethan,    I've checked around & haven't been able to find out who will be with them on tour.  I can tell you that last year's tour had James Raymond (Crosby's son) on keyboards, Joe Vitale on drums

2008-08-18 song by Graham Nash:

Hi Corrieanne,    You are right... this is a song by Graham Nash & was on his "Songs For Beginners" album of 1971.  The only time CSN&Y recorded this was on "4 Way Street".  Try searching YouTube under

2007-09-08 song:

Hi Red.  I didn't really watch "Roseanne" but I can tell you that the episode you're referring to is "The Bowling Show" from season 4.  You might find more info that way. I don't recognize the lyrics,

2007-08-28 Teach Your Children:

Hi Berri,    This is a song that talks about the relationships between kids & parents.  It's important for both sides to tell the other what they may be missing.  There are things kids haven't learned


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