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Robert A. Arnone, D.C.


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I can answer questions in regards to head or neck injury mainly in regards to youth or adult athletes. In my St Louis Office I have extensive experience in helping Concussion patients and those suffering from Whiplash Injury after a Car Accident. I cannot answer any questions in regards to Medications or Surgeries unless the person is looking for an option to improve or regain their health without Drugs or Surgery.

Experience in the area

I am a board certified and licensed doctor that specializes in the head-neck injury in children & adults. I have helped Concussed Athletes from as young as 2 years old to The Professional Level with 90% Results of some improvement, much improvement, or total improvement. My unique approach is very different from what other doctors and hospitals are doing in regards to head-neck injury. We look at a physical aspect of this phenomenon, measure it, analyze it and correct it in order to achieve the amazing results that we are seeing.


MSCA AMC St Louis Mens Lacrosse League - Player St Louis Kings Lacrosse Club - Select Team Coach Metro Lacrosse - Coach


Ladue News City Holistic


Elmont Memorial High School Nassau Junior College Adelphi University Life University

Awards and Honors

2010 Hawk Award - AMC 2011 Eagle Award - AMC

Past/Present Clients

NHL Star Player from St Louis Blues - Problem was shown to him, then corrected, within a few short months he was back and playing with no problems after being out for a year. 10 year old Lacrosse Star-Had Concussion and exhibited fatigue following. We corrected the head-neck mis-alignment and he was better by the next day.

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2017-02-19 hit head neck and back hurt:

Carolyn,    A head or neck injury can be very serious and you should always treat it as such until you know that it is okay.   Any lingering symptoms is certainly a sign that you were hurt.   It would

2016-05-07 broken disc:

Cheri,    If he did indeed fracture C2-C3 then he needs to be under a doctor's care. Especially so within the first 1 to 5 years.   There is a direct relationship to his lower brainstem and spinal cord

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Cardy,  I am sorry to see that you are having so much trouble. Your description reminds me of a patient that I was able to help a couple of years ago. He had similar problems and had gone to just about

2014-04-01 Pain in th back of head:

Very likely caused a disrelationship between your head and neck. I cannot say for sure unless I was to check you first.   There is only so much that talking can do to explain what is likely going on, there

2014-04-01 Pain in th back of head:

Shahan,  It is difficult to know with certainty what the problem is without examining you first.   Did you have an injury or accident that may have set this into motion?  I will tell you that if you have


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