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I am willing to answer any questions related to and/or about Donnie Yen. However, I will not invade his privacy by answering questions that are too personal in nature nor will I provide information that has not been publically disclosed about him. Nor will I entertain questions that slander or defame him or anyone connected to him.

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Prior to meeting Donnie Yen at the New York Asian Film Festival July 7-9, 2012, I had studied his films and researched his life and career. In doing so, I became an instant fan and was very intrigued by him. My heart is to provide in depth coverage of this famous Hong Kong martial artist/action director. To me, he is Bruce Lee reincarnated. He is looking to expand his fanbase in the US. By becoming the 1st Ever Donnie Yen expert I hope to help him do that. I hope to help bring his existing fans around the world together in further support of his career and humanitarian efforts. This is one person the world needs to know about and I am willing to be his mouthpiece.


MNN (Manhattan Neighborhood Network)-Independent Producer


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Uprising Newcomer in Communication Arts 1988

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