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General and advanced questions on Biblical and Urantia Book Christian Theology, spirituality, God-seeking and God-finding, personal God-consciousness, supreme values of love, mercy, service ministry, truth, beauty and goodness, much greater detail on the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, Deity, Reality, trends in religion and spirituality, interfaith, mysticism, science and philosophy related to religion, integration of science, philosophy and religion, transformative Visions of God such as given to Blaise Pascal, Charles Finney and others, Cosmic consciousness, origin-nature-destiny of humans and other beings. Normally, I choose not to answer sarcastic questions of atheists or other overtly immoral questions.

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Over thirty-five years to date in worldwide teaching and sharing of the highest spiritual truths in the Christian Bibles and the more comprehensive Urantia Book Fifth Epochal Revelation given around A.D.1935 to uplift all humans of all religions. I also have profound personal consciousness of God's infinite and omnipresent love for all humans.


Many of my writings are on my large, progressive Christian website http// This is also the same as My writings are also on my Yahoo Christian-Philosophy group and other online groups. I also have my Blog Talk radio program in the religion category. Some of those links and descriptions are on my website noted above.


Over 35 years of dedicated study and teaching The Urantia Book and related Bible verses. College graduate, post-graduate and independent Theology, philosophy and science studies thirty-five to fifty years to date. Bendix Field engineer working for NASA Satellite Tracking Station Test Equipment Calibration Laboratoy, Tananarive, Malagasy Republic (Madagascar) over six years during the Gemini and Apollo manned moon explorations. Then I was self-employed in my computer service company. Retired now eight years with time to answer questions. On a higher level, 1976 sudden soul-identity experience that stimulated me to a new avocation of total Truth-Reality-God seeking and finding. A.D. 1977-on, sudden Vision of God and Jesus Christ as One infinite Spirit Luminosity (sacred Light) Presence upon all humans worldwide and universe-wide. This is an eternity-destiny experience that continues to daily grow in augmenting and supernal realizations. I am blessed to be of help to many sincere seekers of a higher spiritual vision and growth in bearing and sharing the fruits of the Spirit of God.

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