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I can answer nearly all questions about Windows 8 - installation, upgrade, virtualization (Hyper-V, etc.), configuration, how to get the most out of it, how to buy it, etc. I won't pretend to know it all - nobody can - if I don't know, I will try and find the answer. If I can't find it, I'll tell you.

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I worked as an analyst in Dell server support for 2 years, and have since worked with many Dell PowerEdge servers. I am currently employed as IT Manager. I have been using Windows 8 since the early Developer Preview days and use it on all of my primary PC's for a number of activities.


I have a BS in Computer Science and have earned the following certifications: CompTIA Security+, A+, Project+; CIW Web Design, Database Specialist; Microsoft Windows 7; Dell DCSE Server. I am also an expert in Windows 7, Servers, and Hard Drives (I don't normally do XP - not because I don't know it inside and out, but because I have "retired" personal support for XP, and I want to see it die :)).

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richard02/24/17101010Perfect.....well explained....thank you so much
d01/19/17101010It worked, thanks a lot!!!
Gabriel12/14/16101010Thanks again
Gabriel12/14/16101010thank you ! gabe
Jose Miguel02/25/16Thanks

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2017-04-19 when using recovery do they recover to the latest version:

No, it will restore the version you used to create the Recovery, but I would recommend using the actual "backup" function instead, which will backup the Windows files, programs, settings, and your data

2017-02-14 new computer setup:

Hi Richard!    I'll just go in order and answer your questions:    You do not need to partition the disk. Organizational preference would be the only reason to partition the disk.    You do not need a

2017-01-18 win8:

Hi d!    You can only use Enterprise if you have a volume license agreement with Microsoft that gives you that right, which will also provide a key for it.    You will need to reinstall Windows, as there

2016-12-13 saving:

Hi Gabriel!    No, it just means your flash drive is formatted as FAT32 instead of NTFS. NTFS can store information about the file (like permissions, owner, etc.), but FAT file systems cannot, so when

2016-02-17 Windows 10 Upgrade:

Hi Jose!    You can revert back to 8.1 within 30 days of upgrading to Windows 10, without reinstalling 8.1 - Windows 10 will roll it back. OR you could reinstall if you wanted to.    You can upgrade to


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