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Being an early adopter of Windows 8, I can answer a wide-range of questions regarding this new OS.

Experience in the area

I had to support users regarding all kinds of Windows problems for many years, often "blind" over the telephone. I work in the IT industry for many years now filling in various positions for various IT and financial and health-care related companies.


I did an education as a Management Assistant in Informatics under the control of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in year 2003.

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richard02/24/17101010Much obliged,Joerg
Jack05/06/16101010Thanks so much.
Jose Miguel02/25/16101010Very informative. Thanks

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2017-02-24 Windows 8 Crashing:

Hi Del!    Don't worry, I didn't think you are a "wee boy" who has no ideas about computers.  I have an IT degree myself and fiddle with computers since I was 8 with a C64. 27 years of computer experience

2017-02-24 Windows 8 Crashing:

Hi there    you cannot rule out that it's a driver issue just because it works in windows 7 and does not in windows 8.1. different windows versions have different HALs (Hardware Abstraction Layers) and

2017-02-14 new computer set up:

Hi Richard    thanks for your question!    Whether you need to do an initial disk image of the computer before start using it, depends on whether Asus included a installattion media for reinstalling your

2017-02-09 Windows 8 installation stuck in endless reboot cycle.:

Hello Dylan.    Thanks for your question!    As you mention you no longer have a recovery disk, contact the support of the manufacturer of your computer and ask them to send you one and guide you through

2017-02-06 Windows 8 Crashing:

Hello Del!    Thanks for your question!    So 2 free tools that will help you out here: BluescreenView whcih you can use to read which system files caused a crash and bluescreen and use that in google


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