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Jenny Sometimes


I can answer questions concerning lyrics, discography, chronology, line-ups etc. I can't answer any technical questions, i.e. about the band's instruments or other equipment. I wish I could - it would be great to understand how that stuff works and how to use it. But I'm useless in that department, because the wiring inside my head is fucked.

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Curefan since 1992 [aged 7 years]. Attended 9 concerts: - 'A Night Like This', Route of Kings - Hyde Park, London, 27th July 2002. - Teenage Cancer Trust - Royal Albert Hall, London, 1st April 2006. - 4TOUR - Wembley Arena, London, 20th March 2008. - NME BIG GIG - O2 Arena, London, 26th February 2009. - 'Reflections' - Royal Albert Hall, London, 15th November 2011. - Reading Festival - 24th August 2012. - Teenage Cancer Trust - Royal Albert Hall, London, 29th March 2014. - Christmas Compendium - Hammersmith Apollo, London, 18th December 2014. - The Top Anniversary Christmas shows - Hammersmith Apollo, London, 21st December 2014.


I'm a visual/audio artist. I don't write, but I published a book in 2014 containing some prints of my paintings & drawings. The Cure's music is the inspiration for everything.


Fine Art BA (Hons)

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Fine Art BA (Hons)

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Sandro Nunes

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I'm obsessed with The Cure. Robert Smith is God. What else is there to say?

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Robert Smith is the loveliest man in the world and I gave him my book. I don't just mean I dedicated it to him - I literally gave him a copy. He was standing right there and he was amazing. :)

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