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I can answer just about any questions regarding songs, albums, members, etc.. I can even answer questions about what music gear and equipment The Cure uses.

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I've been a Cure fan for over 20 years and have a large collection of their music, videos, and books.


3 years experience as tech support with a major music gear retailer. Over 20 years experience playing in bands.

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Recent Answers from Rob McNeill

2013-10-09 Robert Smith's original 12 string ovation:

Wow! That's pretty freakin' cool! Unfortunately I have no idea what would be a fair asking price on that.  My best guess would be at least a couple thousand dollars based on other signed guitars I've seen

2013-08-15 Smith's Tone:

As far as the basic "Cure" sound that hear on so many of their songs, that can be accomplished mostly with a combination of delay and chorus.  Robert Smith generally uses Boss pedals, but you can get pretty

2013-04-02 Robert Smith's Guitar:

I think in both of those (if we're talking just the standard video for Just Like Heaven and the official live video for Friday I'm In Love) it's his Ovation Custom Legend. He started using one of those

2013-04-01 Robert Smith's Guitar:

That would be his 1963 Coral electric sitar guitar.  It's an instrument he's actually used throughout a great deal of The Cure's career.

2013-02-17 Wish Era - Amps and Effects:

We'll start talking about the Fender VI bass. It always goes through the same 3 Boss pedals- a digital delay, a chorus and a noise gate. The last one is there just enough to cut off the delay. That always


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