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READ THIS CAREFULLY BEFORE ASKING !!! I will answer any kind of query about their music & instruments. I won't answer questions about private life. Just don't ask or the questions will be rejected. Be sure I won't waste my time explaining why. I'm not able and (above all) not willing to answer questions about their wives (please subscribe to the Sunday Sun for this kind of questions, you may find answers). Sounds crazy to write that but I've received some really stupid queries about this subject lately... Other point of interest before you send questions : I'm not a psychanalyst. All questions revolving around you loving Robert as a dad (or lover) are no questions but matter of fact. I'll be delighted not to answer these queries... Last but not least : I won't answer people who don't even care reading replies (yeah, strange, but some "people" do that, showing the interest they put in their own questions and how the respect the time given by volunteers...). No read or rate ? no further questions answered !

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manno01/15/17101010Great thanks ! Quick and complete
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Jacqueline07/23/16101010Thank you so much. You are an .....
Paul10/30/15101010Always a pleasure to deal with.

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2017-01-14 simon's bass : hollowbody:

Hello, (and happy new year)    It depends what era you are talking about, because he used many different models.   Well anyway as for hollowbodies, here is a list of what he used :     - 1987 : Black Epiphone

2016-12-09 Song:

Yeah, looks simple, but the drums are just not what they should and what Williams played, the sax is an awful keyboard, making you feel like you are in a lift in Trump Tower.   Sometimes, some cover bands

2016-12-09 Song:

Hi Chris,     Are you a musician yourself ?   I ask because if you are, you would have considered the technical difficulties of this song.   I guess there is really little chance to hear this song live

2016-07-21 Robert Smith:

Hello Jacqueline,     I never heard before about "The Lost Boy". So I gave it a listen.    Even if it for sure sounds Cure-ish (instrumentation, mood, way of playing), I'm quite sure none of The Cure members

2015-10-30 Phaser and flanger:

As strange as it may sound, I've not seen them live since 2000. The last time I saw this band I got bored after one hour of concert. The magic spell had gone and I never tried the experience again, despite


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