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Sandro Nunes


I can answer almost everything you can think of Robert Smith to Michael Dempsey and from 1959 to this year.

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Been a cure fan since 1989.


The Cure Portugal.


I've done a translation of a cure book to Portuguese called "aprés le pluie" by David Fargier


College - International relations

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2010-11-15 Lime Time Lyrics:

hello :)    Well, I'm not the best person to be asked about this, because my native language is not English, and there isn't anywhere the words for this.    Anyway, with the help of some English friends

2010-09-18 help please for video!!!???:

Hello Chris    Yes, there is another version to the common video, but actually the first video is the most unknown.    Here's the less known video.

2008-10-31 The Cure addiction/last albums:

Hello Gian Luca    Sorry for taking so long to reply but I've been out, in Girona (near Barcelona), we should take advantage of RyanAir, while we can ehehe.    Well, now about The Cure:    It's almost

2008-10-24 about robert:

Hello Amir    1- Well nobody can say that except his close friends, and unfortunately, I'm not one of them. He always talks about using drugs in the past, and never in the present, but later we realize

2008-10-12 just wondering:

Hello Jennifer, sorry for the delay, but i've been rather busy.    Which drugs? Well just think of any, and he has tried it. Cocaine, Heroine, LSD and other hallucinogenics...and other drugs less known


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