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I can answer most questions pertsining to Roberts interviews, lyrics, personal (Published)information.. and what kind of personality he has.

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Huge cure fan since I was 13 years old, but i researched the cure and robert at that age, learning it all back to 19769the year I was born)


masters i history and fine art

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Wid10/02/16101010You would have gasped for air if .....
Wid10/02/16101010No, Mary has not left Robert (and .....
Alvaro10/12/11101010nice! :)
jeroen09/03/10101010very quick answer

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2011-10-06 perfume:

Hi Alvaro  Thanks for the question I honestly didn't pick up on a scent! His hands were extremely soft! It was nearly 5:30 am and it was cold! No smoldering smells! A bit of booze smell if any thing.

2011-06-28 question about what wears shoes Robert?:

 Hi Chris,  Thanks for the question..  Did you get to see them last month in Sydney at the opera house?? I was lucky enough to get tickets both nights and even meet Robert and have drinks with the rest

2009-10-23 hi:

oh that is a good one allyna,  i havnt a clue.. there are  so many he has started and not finished, pre recorded, andstill go back to according to him... we are still waiting on a dark Christmas cd from

2009-08-08 tour:

Hi Michael,  Thank you for your question... lets all PRAY! I hope they decide more in 2010!! No moreset for 2009 that I can see. I was patiently waiting for the "very sad x-mas" songs to be realeased.

2009-02-13 before three:

Hi Thank you for the question,  I have heard him speak of this in an coment tv show..   it is of alchol and the moment of being in bliss next to somone on the beach a time ago- reminencing...  Thats what


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