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I can answer your questions about the history of many popular antique advertising brands such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Tobacco Brands, Petroliana (Gas, Oil, and Automotive Items), Breweriana (Beer and Brewing Items), Barbershop Items, as well as other areas. I can also help with determining approximate values of your items. I know how to identify fakes, reproductions, and fantasy items for Antique Advertising items such as tins, posters, signs, displays, trays, mugs, clocks, and much more. Even with my experience I don't know everything, but if I'm stumped I can usually refer you to someone who does know about whatever it is.

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I am a full time dealer working in Antique Advertising every day. I run the website which I built and maintain. I attend many shows, auctions, and other events related to Advertising Antiques and I know many other dealers and collectors interested in these items.


I have my BA in Architecture from Clemson University, my Master's of Architecture from Texas A&M. As far as education related to Advertising, I have an extensive library of books and literature related to these items and the many smaller collecting areas within it. I keep up with the published articles and information published by the AAAA.

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2014-12-22 Deluxe Check Printer's Spirit of America Prints:

Hi Eric    These were produced as part of an advertising campaign to commemorate the bicentennial in 1976. They are not necesarily common but also are not really antique by the definition or in the sense

2014-12-22 Deluxe Check Printer's Spirit of America Prints:

Hi Eric,    Can you send some pictures or scans of the items in question. I'll be happy to take a look and tell you what I can.    Thanks  Dale Fenton  <a href=""> http://www

2014-12-08 texaco sign:

Hi Adam,    I strongly recommend that people do not try and do touchups to signs as typically it is a net loss of value. If you'd prefer a better looking one you're usually better off keeping an eye on

2014-12-08 texaco sign:

Hi Adam,    Whatever you're doing with the pump, the pump plate itself should be seen as a separate item since it can be taken off the pump and replaced or sold separately. Restoring a plate like that

2014-07-14 COCA COLA TIN TIP TRAY 1908:

Hi there,    Virtually all Coca-Cola trays have been reproduced at some point, the 1908 is no exception. Could you send pictures of the tray you're talking about?    Thanks  Dale Fenton  <a href=" http://www


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