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I can answer most questions that pertain to general band information such as, the origins, former band members, discography information for most countries and all USA releases, tour questions, and instrument questions. I can also answer questions about the band`s appearance on VH1`s StoryTellers because I was at the taping. I prefer NOT to answer questions about their personal lives but I can answer basic ones (like marital status, number of children, etc)

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I have been a fan for 27 years and have been collecting information on the band for the last 24 years. I have an extensive variety of magazine articles, books, sheet music and of course albums (not to mention singles and Bsides) that I have spent many hours studying. I have a (well worn) copy of their official biography, Animal Instinct, that serves well as a reference.
I have also been to many concerts- 48 in all. So answering questions about live performances shouldn't be difficult. I also ran a now defunct website pertaining to Joe Elliott, lead singer of Def Leppard.


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I hope to be able to share my Leppard knowledge- after all, what fun is learning something if you don't get to share it? :)

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I've had luck meeting up with Def Leppard in the media. As previously mentioned I was at StoryTellers and have been on the radio as a caller on Rockline in 96, 99, 2000 and 2005, as well as during Def Lep's Howard Stern appearance.

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2011-06-29 Def Leppard place in rock lore:

Um, since Bono is actually one of Joe's neighbors and has been over to his studio, not to mention they have both been at some of the same charity functions I don't think there is any animosity. Def Leppard

2009-07-18 Def leppard:

The "performances" shown on that show were the live promo videos from the High'n'Dry era that later ended up on "Historia" home video.     Don Kirchners show was taped in Hempsted NY and Def Leppard were

2008-06-26 Phil Collen Girlfriend?:

No, Anita and Phil are still married.    He and Michelle are not together at this point although they do share a daughter (Samantha) together.    I am assuming it's an open marriage if he has another girlfriend

2008-06-06 Football(soccer):

Vivian favors Leeds United (and he says he doesn't know why LOL) and plays for Hollywood United Football Club in LA. (They played a charity match against David Beckham and the LA Galaxy last summer)  

2008-04-30 2003 Pete Willis Picture:

Unfortunately I do not have access to content removed from the web so I would have to say this picture is no longer available online.    Perhaps someone on the Def Leppard forum may have downloaded a copy-


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