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I can answer most any question asked of me, with the exception of questions about whom they`re dating, etc, as that is not my place. Any question I can`t answer off the top of my head, I can find the answer to, if given a bit of time to research.

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I have extensive knowledge of this group, as I have been a fan my entire life. I first became a fan at age 6, and am now 28. I have stacks of articles, books, even videos and DVD's of this group. I have seen them live many times, and have met the guys on several occasions.

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Patricia04/23/0910The link you gave did not work .....
Nikki03/31/09101010Thank you! :)
Leonard03/01/0710thanks for the help
crista05/30/06101010thanks Michelle--I had hoped they were green .....

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2010-04-23 certain t-shirt:

Without seeing what tshirt you're talking about, I can only guess. My guess is that the animated character you're talking about is named Flynn, and he was in the video for "Let's Get Rocked." Considering

2007-06-06 Yeah:

You may be able to get a US copy shipped if you order from a, or what have you. You may also want to try looking on ebay to see if anyone is selling their US copy. Aside from that, the only

2007-04-30 Comin under fire:

Def Leppard have released no live albums. For live footage of them, I would suggest "In the Round, In Your Face", However, I do not think "Comin' Under Fire" is included.     I'm sure they HAVE played

2007-03-04 Joe:

It was Joe and girlfriend Bobbie. Karla is Joe's ex-wife. Yes, Joe is an only child. As far as exactly WHAT happened in that hotel room, I can only speculate. The police report stated that Joe and Bobbie

2007-02-24 background music:

It's not Def Leppard.      **I'm here to answer Def Leppard questions, not questions about music in general. As far as the followup question you sent, I can't, and won't answer that one either, especially


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