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I can answer any question about the band members in the past. Any specific questions about the early days of the band from the eighties until about the mid nineties. I can`t answer questions about Warren or anything he has done in the past.

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I am a huge fan and keep up to date on what is happening in the band members personal and professional lives.

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Bernard03/19/13101010Hi Tracy, I'll get more information regarding .....
debra10/11/121010Came back with an anwser very quickly .....

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2016-08-31 nick rhodes:

I have not been told anything definite, no one has.  There is only speculation as to his absence.  All we have been told is that he had to leave the tour and go back to England due to a family emergency

2013-03-27 Hold back the rain:

Bernard,    Ahh yes! I have watched the video and now I know who you are talking about.  The person singing backup is a man named Andy Hamilton.  He was with the band for many years during their concert

2013-03-18 some questions:

Hi Bernard!    1.  The concerts in August of 2012 were cancelled due to the fact that the keyboardist Nick Rhodes was very ill.  I'm not sure what was wrong with him, possibly a bad case of the flu, but

2013-02-19 Stephen Dufft:

Hi Bernard!    None of Duran Durans song were sung by Stephen Duffy on any album.  However, the only song I know of that he has performed with the band was Girls on Film as that was the first song they

2012-10-30 Warren:

Hi Bernard!    After Andy left the second time, Duran did not ask Warren to rejoin the band because they were not interested in working with him again.  He was not a very pleasant person to tour with and


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