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I have extensive knowledge of the band`s official and promo releases in the US and the UK. I`m not extremely knowledgable in Andy and Roger Taylor`s solo efforts since being away from the band, but I do have a good level of expertise in Arcadia and The Power Station history as well.

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I have been collecting vinyl and CDs now for the last 19 years on the band and their side projects.

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Caroline01/16/11101010Thank you so much! I appreciate you .....
dhario12/15/08101010yup...sucks on us huh...haha

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2014-12-11 ARCADIA and POWER STATION Songs:

Duran Duran performed both "Election Day" and Some Like It a Hot" during both the '87 Strange Behaviour tour and the  Big Live Thing tour. To my knowledge they haven't played any since then.    John and

2011-01-12 concert video:

Hi Junie-Marie,    I have to admit that it has been several years since I have watched the Arena concert video.  I think that Simon picked up Andy during 'Girls On Film' because I believe it was near the

2011-01-11 The Reflex sound:

Hi Caroline,    Wow - what an interesting question...however it is one that I cannot answer.  It is out of my area of expertise.  I do apologize.  If I had to guess...I would believe it to be Roger's percussion

2010-03-29 New 2cd & dvd release:

Hi Martyn,    These new remastered releases that inclue demo tracks and bonus DVDs are not limited editions.  They are being released on a worldwide basis by EMI.    You are correct - if they were limited

2010-02-28 Duran Duran:

Hi Paula,    Sorry for the delay.  I haven't been online in about 2 weeks.    This is a tricky question.  Obviously the autographed 7" single means a whole lot to you because you love the band and stood


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