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Recent Answers from Nick Ultrachrome

2005-01-18 John Taylor:

?!    I have never said that ?!    The last answer I gave about the boys personal life was:      marriage   Question:  Are all of the guys married?   Answer:  Hello !     Simon is married to Yasmin, as

2004-11-17 Duran Duran:

Hi.    The name is taken from a si-fi movie called Barbarella  from 1968 starring Jane Fonda.  One of the characters in the movie was called Duran(d) Duran(d)...played by Milo Oīshea...also starring in

2004-09-09 Original members:

Hello.    The last album was called "Seven And The Ragged Tiger".  Referd as the "Third album".  After that they released the live album "Arena"  that holds one studio recorded song, "The Wild Boys".

2004-04-20 roger taylor:

Hello!    Sorry for my late answer...  Rogers third kid is called Elliot.  I donīt know about his dads orgin,  but his grandfather I think has a Italin background.      Here is some general information:

2004-02-16 Title of a song:

Hello !    Sorry for my late answer.  The song You are looking for is not a really a Duran Duran tune,itīs performed by the side project Arcadia (Nick/Simon/Roger).  The song is called "The Flame" and


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