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Hello! / Bonjour ! I can (or do my best) answer to any questions concerning the British music band ERASURE (discography, biography, tours, news...). I am a 36 years old French man. Straight. I come from a French province called "Brittany", but I currently live in Paris. I have been a huge supporter of ERASURE since 1986. My knowledge of ERASURE is encyclopaedic (so that I've been contributing to ERASURE's page on Wikipédia !). I can answer both in English and in French language. I am waiting for your questions / J'attends vos questions !

Experience in the area

Since I discovered ERASURE, in 1986, I have collected many informations and anecdotes related to ERASURE


I was a member of the penpal fan organization for ERASURE (from 1992 to 2000) before it became entirely based on the Internet. Thus, I had the opportunity to get rare materials and in-depht informations. I still get up-to-date informations throught the Internet and still collect ERASURE material.

What do you like about this subject?

ERASURE are especially gifted in making flamboyant singalong anthems and tight electronic arrangements. Andy Bell's voice is also powerful. I consider Andy Bell and Vince Clarke association as an electronic equivalent to Paul Mc Cartney and John Lennon !

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I hope to make France discover Erasure ... but I don't how !..

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

At a musical level, I am not a typical French guy, insofar as ERASURE have never enjoyed any success in France (apart from "Oh l'amour in 1986). ERASURE does not exist in France. Apart from "Oh L'Amour", Erasure's hits have never been played on any French radio. As a result, French general public have never heard about ERASURE and you can't find ERASURE material here.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

ERASURE is not a gay band. The singer (Andy BELL)is, but the musician (Vince CLARKE) is straight. And even if they were both, their music would still be appreciated by all kind of people.

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russ oreilly03/02/08101010thank you for your time.
russ12/07/07101010thanks for your help ,i can start .....
Juergen04/03/05101010Merci Erwann de ces explications détaillées. Je .....
Tim05/26/041010though the answer was a bit late .....
Lucie MOREAU08/13/0310

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2011-03-27 erasure:

Hello Angela,    Thanks for your question. (I haven't had any for a long time !)     Given the "A Little Respect" single releases were given 2 B-Sides, it shoud be one of the 2 following songs :    * "Like

2010-01-13 1987 interview on peach vinyl:

Hello,    Thanks for your question !  Yes, if it's the EIS interview with Janet (who ruled the Erasure Information Service in the late 80's and early 90's) with Andy and Vince. Indeed, it's a rare item

2008-11-18 erasure:

Hi!     Thanks for your question!  This question is a bit difficult for me...  Meanwhile, there is an excellent website that lists Erasure gigs all throught the years. Here is a link to the 1985's gigs

2008-02-25 Erasure 1987:

Hi!     Sorry for the late answer but your question was pending in the spam section of my e-mail for a long time.    To answer accurately to your question, I need to know the kind and the feeling of the

2007-10-31 the circus decay mix:

Hello,    thanks for your question !  Yes, the decay mix exists on CD format : it's both on the 1993 re-edition maxi-CD-single of "The Circus" single and on the 1999 EBX-2 (a box set containing all the


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