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Recent Answers from Eric

2010-07-18 Everclear's new song:

Everclear doesn't currently have a new song, at least not in the sense of an album single.  Their last album, In A Different Light, came out in 2009.  It was mostly re-recordings of songs from the bands

2010-04-29 everclear:

Unless you can provide me with more details of the song I'd have to say I believe you are confusing another artist with Everclear.  The closest thing is to anything Asian being mentioned in an Everclear

2010-03-03 Everclear?:

I don't have anything for sale at the moment.  IF there is something in particular you'd like, I suggest you visit the Hungry %26 Hollow forums ( http://www.hungryandhollow.com/boards/) and make a request

2009-09-06 Age:

Art Alexakis is 47 and is the only remaining member of the band.    Everclear recently played 2 public shows with new musicians in the band, and are playing another show tonight.  Unfortunately I don't

2007-07-19 Anita Alexakis:

FOLLOW UP:  The website was hosted at xo-studio.com, which unfortunately went offline in 2003.    ----------------  At the moment I do not have the exact link.  However since that website was done in 1999-2000


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