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I can answer almost any question about everclear. But I can`t answer them all.

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I've been a fan for a long time and can usually get the answer to your question

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nick05/11/04101010smart man!
Logan05/06/04101010Thanks Matt. Nehalem was the site I .....

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2009-10-01 powerman 5000 song:

My expertise is in the band "Everclear", not Powerman 5000 or Ozzfest CDs.  However, I'll take a guess as to what the name of the song was since you asked but in the future, keep the questions on topic

2009-10-01 slayer song:

Like I said in your question about Powerman 5000, my expertise is in the band "Everclear".  I'm not going to answer your question or any other questions that aren't related to the band "Everclear" because

2009-09-24 everclear song:

That CD is "Whitey Ford Sings The Blues".  It's by Everlast, NOT Everclear.

2004-12-20 final tour:

hey nick, there is in no way a "final" or "reunion" tour planned in the near of distant future and there probably will never be one.  Craig Montoya is with a new band called Tripolar (www.tripolarmusic

2004-06-14 whats art doing now:

A few months ago you asked about what Art was doing now and I told you about the new lineup but I didn't know the names.  Here they are: Dave French on lead guitar, Sam Hudson on bass, Art is on rythm


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