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Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac, Silver Spring Emporium, Old Hopi House

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Know the family on a professional basis, have direct contact, and can answer questions about Stevie Nick's or Fleetmac's music career and latest events.


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Know the Nick's family on a professional level. Stevie Nick's mother has reopened her antique store, SILVER SPRING EMPORIUM in Scottsdale, AZ. Website: www.silverspringemporium.com Address: 6902 E 1st Ave Scottsdale, AZ 85251-4302 Business Phone: (480) 947-1627 Contact: Minette Nicks Stevie Nick's mother is 82, and has loved antiques for over 40 years. She stated, "They represent history....I have things my Grandmother owned. They were important to them, so they are important to me. I have just Stevie and Chris (her children), so I am leaving the antiques to my store." Stevie Nicks is still performing, as well as Fleetwood Mac, and keeps a busy schedule. Her fans love her, as well as her mother who is very kind and not at all pompous. Her mother is very down to earth, and appreciates all of the support and love.

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Have been a Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac fan over 20 years. Love the music and magic atmosphere they create. A ROCK ICON AND LEGEND.

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Advise fans the true information and update them.

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STEVIE NICKS MOTHER owns an ANTIQUE STORE in Scottsdale, AZ called SILVER SPRING EMPORIUM. Stevie, unfortunately, is NOT SIGNING AUTOGRAPHS any longer.If you want STEVIE NICKS AUTOGRAPH, buy it NOW online at website: www.silverspringemporium.com, or CALL (480) 947-1627. Address: 6902 E. 1st Avenue, Scottsdale, AZ 85251-4302 Fans love her mother.

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Stevie Nicks is a spiritual person who believes in God. She was raised basically as a Protestant and Catholic. She dresses in black because, she looks best in it, and of course - women understand, we look thinner. She looks beautiful, and I have seen her closeup. She is only 5.1"

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