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My interests lie between the years 1968 and 1978. Do not get me wrong, i love brent, but the years 69/70, 73/74, and 77/78 constitute eighty-five percent of my vault. I've been a deadhead for twelve solid years. I heard Cassidy from "Without a Net" and never looked back. It's what i do, it's what i study, and it's what gets me off. Setlists, dates, best versions (IMHO), you name it, i am all over it. Many call it unhealthy, i call it home

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10 years of research, enjoyment, and obsesion

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dizzy bat race winner, river city rascals baseball game

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2008-12-20 golden gate concert in 68:

The Dead performed on a flatbed truck on Haight St.  on 3/3/68.  The setlist consists of only four songs, Viola, Smokestack, Lovelight, & Hurts Me Too//.  Only 3 1/2 songs are documented on tape, recorded

2008-09-24 Poster Mars Hotel:

Nice catch.  I tried to find a Mouse and Kelley autograph on anything and they were very hard to come by.  The ones I did find were going for hundreds of dollars.  I could not find even of picture of what

2008-08-08 Steal your face:

I believe that the copyright is for only a steal your face with a 13 point lightning bolt. (sorce: Skeleton Key: A Dictionary for Deadheads)  Any thing else, seams to be fair game.  I prefer the Steal

2008-07-14 Deadbase:

Sorry about the delay in answering.  But truth be told, I don't know.  I still use a deadbase IX, an extremely well worn one.  it only lacks the statistics from 95, but has set lists of all the 95 shows

2008-04-01 best dead songs-live:

Wow, grate question.  One I Ask myself often.  Where to start    Eyes (in no particular order)  6/26/74  5/26/73  10/29/77  5/22/77  3/29/90  5/17/74  10/19/74  2/3/78    scarlet>fire  5/8/77  2/5/78


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