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I know a LOT about their bios and equipment. Also about song meanings, CD's, and songs in general. I don't know a lot about rare and bootleg CD's and vinyls.

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kevin12/15/10101010ah i haven't noticed it was that .....
Dustyn11/26/09101010WOW Thank you so Much
kevin07/23/09101010thanks again doug, chat with you next .....
kevin07/21/09101010he's great

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2010-12-26 Sounding like green day/amp help:

Hey Carla. I too have found the Microcube to be too ambitious, thus sacrificing sound. If you want an amp that'll make ya sound like BJ himself but also have one for a long time, try spending just $20

2010-12-21 RE: billie joe's acoustic guitar amp and speaker:

No that's an antique guitar, older than the one he uses. His acoustics aren't vintage (unlike his electrics)... he uses one like this:

2010-12-13 Les Paul Jr:

Hey Kevin,  the sad truth is the difference is because of the pick up and the fact that it says Billie Joe Armstrong on it.  Most signature guitars cost more because of the name, and his is no exception

2010-11-29 Les Paul Jr:

Hey Kevin  there's literally no difference aside from the modified P-90 pickup, which is designed to his specs and his tone liking.  So basically, you can get the reissue with the standard P-90 and make

2010-11-17 RE: song meanings and equipment:

TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik M80 dynamic microphone  And the song is about Gloria and Christian, the characters in the album. Gloria got a lobotomy after 9/11 (because she represents patriotism). Christian


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