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2013-02-27 Don't cry:

Well, I don't think they "fit" anywhere really. If you watch "Making F'n Videos, part 1", Axl talks about how these lyrics came to him, totally out of nowhere, and he recorded them.  He also talks about

2011-01-22 Used to love her:

Hi Alice!!    You are not bothering me!  :)  It's a pleasure to answer you!    As far as I know, Used To Love Her was in fact written about a dog.  Nothing to do with ex-girlfriends whatsoever!  ;-)  

2011-01-09 Direction:

Hi again!    Your story is so cool!  :)  It's really awesome and believe me, I know EXACTLY how you feel!  And you're not pathetic!    About your question.  What you heard that it's all Axl's fault is

2011-01-05 Direction:

Hi Alice!    Do you speak french?  With your name, I'm thinking it could be your first language?  English is not my first language either!  Since I'm unsure about yours tho, I will go on in english on

2010-08-02 kids??:

Hello David,    I've never heard that rumour before.  But who knows?  That said,  I don't comment on rumours, especially when I have no idea where they come from. ;-)  By Eva, you must mean Erin?  She


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