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I can answer questions about old members and new members of GN'R, their personal and musical lives, childhood, family, etc. Also about Guns N' Roses, everything about the band, lyrics, albums, problems, tales, etc. All about it. I can answer questions in spanish too.

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I've been a GN'R fan for over 10 years ago, I try to keep myself update all I can to know more and in that way I can help people who has doubts.


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Trine01/30/13101010Thank you anyway... I totally understand that .....
Mia12/17/11101010Muchas gracias Angelica por responderme y dejame .....
rita05/28/10101010thank you very much angelica :) your .....
Valentina04/12/10101010What to say about Angelica???I can add .....
Valentina04/10/10101010Angelica has answered me very quickly and .....

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2011-12-08 M:

Hola Mia!!! espero que estes muy bien, me encanta que seas de Sonora porque me recuerdas una novela que vi... ;).    No, no que se haya sabido, ya sabes que para cuando Cobain murió en el 94 ya Axl estaba

2010-05-26 axl rose:

Hola Rita!!!!    Let's start with your answers! ;#    1. Yes, is a personal one, and a good one also ;). No, as far as I know he'd never talked 'bout that, but in somewhere I read, not sure if it's real

2010-05-23 Tattoos?:

Hola!!! I hope you're fine!     Izzy has 2 tattoos as far as I know, one in each arm, in the right one he has 2 swords and a rose in the middle, and a sentence above something like "Guns n .." , in the

2010-04-11 Axl Rose's short hair:

Hola Valentina!!!! Great to know about you again, I wanna thank you for your kind and sweet words to me I really appreciate what you said, I was very glad that my answer could help you in some way. I really

2010-04-07 Axl Rose and children:

Hola!!!!!    Valentina how are you? I hope you're fine, great you're from Italy ;)    The answer is Yes, Axl loves children, it's true. I read that he used to throw parties for his friends' kids, Halloween


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