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I've been a fan since 1997.

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I've been a fan since 1997.

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Jess11/30/06101010thank you. like i said i didn't .....
Jayne01/19/06101010SUPERB!!!! all my questions were answered and .....
Jennifer08/03/0210Great , ur answer was absolutely the best .....
alexandra10/25/01101010You're one smart cookie!
carly ashman10/20/01101010Allisa knows her stuff!

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2006-11-30 HELP:

Hey Jessica,    I'm sorry to say that I don't think I can help you. Hanson is nearly impossible to get a hold of. The best ways of meeting them is waiting by their tour bus before or after a show. And

2006-07-17 unknown video clip:

Hey,    Sorry about the delay.    I remember seeing a similar video on their website (www.hanson.net). Unfortunately, after searching the site, it seems that it has been taken offline. I know that the

2006-01-18 wedding bells:

Hey Jayne,    No one is for sure when Zac will be married. I know that Kate said she wanted to wait until she was done with school. She will be finished in May. Therefore, they won't be married until after

2005-11-04 Engagement:

Yes, Zac is really engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Kate. They have been dating for five years and have been engaged since around January 05. I do not know when the wedding is but I've heard that neither


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