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I can answer just about any question concerning Jimi Hendrix. I cannot give the value of records, CDs or tapes relating to the work of Jimi hendrix.

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Recent Answers from James Hawthorn

2015-10-23 10 inch test pressing:

Well Cliff, that could well be authentic!   You could do some research through the "Record pricings" links on this page of my site to see if any similar items are listed:  http://hendrix.guide.pagesperso-orange

2015-10-17 10 inch test pressing:

Hi Cliff,    I have never heard of a test pressing for that one. A few questions :    - does it have a label?  - any dead wax inscriptions?  - how did you acquire it?    Cheers    Jim

2015-08-04 Tracks on:

Hello again Holger,  Perhaps you have an outtake of "1983.../Moon...". The lyrics you quote are from "1983". In fact "Moon..." is only the last couple of minutes of groaning/tidal sounds.  You can send

2015-07-28 Tracks on "Electric Ladyland":

Hi Holger,    That is part of the suite "1983, A Merman I Should Turn To Be"/"Moon Turn The Tides...Gently, Gently Away" from Jimi's third album Electric Ladyland (now available on Sony Legacy).  Details

2014-12-15 Jimi Hendrix Research Paper:

Here we go:    I can't write your thesis for you of course but here are some notes to point you in the right directions for your research.    1.What events in Jimiís past would influence his work later


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