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I can answer just about any Michael Jackson question. I will say this because I've been having problms with it....if you are asking a question like...did michel like popcorn?...unless he said he likes popcorn in an interview or somewhere there is no way to know for sure if he liked popcorn. Some questions are based on opinions and educated guesses. We as mj experts are not psychics who know what no one else knows. Please keep that in mind when asking questions because I have had people give me bad ratings for not having a positive answer to things I couldn't possibly know for sure. Other than that ask away!

Experience in the area

I have been a fan of Michael Jackson for many years and have done extensive research on his life as I am currently finishing a book on him.


United States Air Force.


I have written a book on Michael. It's called "Through a Fan's Eyes: A Journal on Michael Jackson." It is meant to be facts about his life, quotes from fans and has a creative twist. It is just what it's called. The book is full of interesting facts and opinions on controversial topics, including input from fans around the world. The book includes creative writing like poems inspired by Michael and short stories with characters based on his life. It ends with touching farewell messages from fans that we only wish he were alive to read so that he could know just how strongly he is loved.


I have self published a Michael Jackson tribute book.

Awards and Honors

I have a youtube channel under the name mjfantasywoman. Lots of great tribute videos and dance videos I made. I have over 1 million views from fellow mj fans. Check it out.

Past/Present Clients

many fans of MJ email me everyday to discuss MJ topics.

What do you like about this subject?

MJ has always intrigued me. Everything about his life, about who he is, his talent, and what he stands for. He is just amazing in every way and I hate that he is so misunderstood. I wish the world could see him the way I do, the way his fans see him because he is great. His existence changed the world forever and from the day of his death on, the world will slowly die with him.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Knowledge is power and education helps you make smarter decisions and make more intelligent, informed opinions. Knowing the truth about even a tiny thing can change someone's mind about something greater than they ever imagined. I believe if only the world could understand the truth about MJ, and want to learn the truth, then he could be appreciated the way he was truly meant to be. God bless MJ.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Currently working on book project. Creating artbook of Michael, "Stages: An Artistic Tribute to Michael Jackson." Will contain work of art from each stage of his life, containing about 40 works total, contain poems inspired by him. Illustrated by me, co-wrote by Jasmine Kendrick. Will be beautiful tribute to the inspiration Michael was and always will be.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Many do not and never will understand Michael. It is sad but I hope that some of those people are encouraged to ask questions. Knowledge is power and if they only had the knowledge behind their opinions I believe they would perhaps see Michael in a different way.

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