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Hi. I have been an Elton John fan for many years now. I have all of his albums and a few reference books, as well as a couple of concert videos and miscellaneous stuff as well. I would love to take your questions and answer them as best as I can. Write me.

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2007-07-10 Rock & Roll Madonna:

Hi Scott,       The song, and it's a good one, was a B-Side when it was originally done. Never officially part of one of his albums. However, it was included as a "Bonus Track" on a special re-release

2006-12-05 contacting elton:

Hi Sheri,        Well, Elton doesn't have an e-mail address(and if he did it would not be known to the public), and addresses I have tried to hunt down no longer seem to be in effect. What I can suggest

2006-08-12 The girl next door:

Hi Jake,       I can't say I know. You are the second person to ask me this question. Unfortunatley, I have not seen the film, and web sites with the movie's info don't have Elton listed in the music credits

2006-05-06 Elton John and albums:

Hi Morgan,    1. Elton has made 27 studio albums. If you count live albums, hits albums, soundtracks, and other type of compilation albums, it numbers over 50.    2. Yes, Elton does play an instrument

2006-05-04 Song Lyrics "Tiny Dancer":

Hi Sherri,       The lyrics were written by Bernie(of course)about his then girlfriend. The opening lyrics pretty much come together knowing that. "Seamstress for the band", "Handing tickets out" and all


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