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I've been a die-hard Korn fan since 1996 and have read/watched hundreds of interviews, so I can answer pretty much any Korn question you throw at me. My expertise is on Jonathan Davis and general Korn questions though, but I'll probably be able to answer questions regarding the other band members as well depending on what the question is asking.

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Like I said before, I've been a fan since 1996 and have read/watched hundreds of interviews, so I know pretty much everything Korn related. I also keep up with Korn news on a daily basis.

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Everything! They're my favorite band! :-D

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Albert01/22/08101010THANKS IT WAS VERY HELPFUL

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2008-02-26 korn future:

Hey, you're welcome and nice to hear from you again. At the moment Korn have no plans to tour the US anytime soon. However, Jonathan will be touring once again with his "Alone I Play" tour around May in

2008-01-23 "Thoughtless" removed everywhere:

Hey, there :-)      Well, 'Live & Rare' was released after Korn left Sony Records, so this was Sony Records way to cash in on Korn one last time, and therefore Korn had no say in what songs were put on

2008-01-22 KORN SONG:

Hey again, and you're welcome for the last question. :-)      Here are the two explanations by Jonathan about It's On! and My Gift To You.      About 'It's On!' he says:    "It's my shit peer pressure

2008-01-15 korn songs:

Hi! :-)      According to Jonathan B.B.K on Follow the Leader stands for big black cock. He said that was his nickname for the little glasses they served in Europe of Jack Daniels and coke. In case you

2007-10-24 Jon on the john:

Hi,       I don't know Rebekah's ethnicity, and Renee is Spanish. She's either Mexican or Peruvian, not sure which. There's hardly any info about Renee out there so I don't know what she's been up to.


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