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I have been a fan of Madness since the early 80`s, having watched them grow from a small band to the mega stars they are today. I was a founder and maintainer of the first online Madness discussion list, *The Madness Mailing List*, from 1997 - 1999. Since 1999 I have been running and co-editing The Madness Information Service weekly newsletters. This goes out to over 1,100 fans, and a number of band members, and as such, am able to contact the band with questions or queries myself or other fans have.

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Dan04/06/07101010it was great, perfect, thanks!
Amanda Cody08/16/06101010Thank you very much Robert for your .....

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2008-07-09 Whats the song?:

Hiya Scott,    It 'could' be something from Madness' covers album, 'The Dangermen Sessions'.    You should be able to search for it in iTunes and listen to snippets of each song.    I reckon it'll be something

2008-07-09 Whats the song?:

Hi Scott,    I'm going to need a bit more info before I can help you with this one.    Can you give me 'anything' else to go on?!    All the best,    Rob

2007-04-06 Michael Caine:

Hello, and thanks for the message.    The song is all about the troubles that were taking place in Northern Ireland at the time.    The band were keen to get Michael Caine to provide some sound samples

2006-06-01 catherine hazelby:

Hi Sandra,    Many thanks for your email.    My mother is really into the whole family tree thing, and has amassed a mass of information about the Hazelby's.    Please drop me an email at: robert@jabba

2005-11-25 Madness Bassist:

Crikey, that is a question and a half!    I think your best bet is to pop along to the official Madness web site at, and once there post your question on their official message board


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