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I'm able to reply any questions about Madona's music, rhythm, photography, music videos, tours, lyrics and meaning of the songs, and general Madonna trivia and facts.

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I've been a Madonna fan and collector for almost a decade. I've been in charge of a madonna fan club in Ecuador. Some Madonna memorabilia exhibitions aswell as parties and radio and television interviews.

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One of the biggest madonna fans in Ecuador

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Denn02/10/111010Answered the first part of the question .....
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2013-02-14 madonna backup dancer's name:

Hi, her name is Tamara Levinson. She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and is one of the highest-ranked American rhythmic gymnasts in history. She has performed in many different shows including the

2011-08-09 Madonna:

Hi Kristine,    Madonna is currently working on her new album, since this past July she's been writing and producing new tracks, it is yet unknown when this album will be released. Rumors state that probably

2011-02-08 Who is taller and heavier?:

Hi Denn. Between Madonna and her long-time back up singer/dancer Niki Haris, Niki is taller than Madonna, even though I can't tell you the exact height of Niki, when seen together in a lot of videos and

2009-10-31 Meeting Madonna:

Hi Keith, unfortunately there's no way for a normal mortal fan to get in full touch with Madonna without first passing through her "filters". The main filters are: the manager (Guy Oseary) and  the publicist

2009-04-15 A remix from the 80's:

Hi, amongst the True Blue official remixes there is another version of the Color Mix called The Color Dub (also labelled as Dub or Instrumental), and can be found on some vinyl editions of true blue (US


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