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I can answer almost any question about Barry`s music and videos: Content, lyrics, instruments, arrangements. You know -- the important stuff! ***PLEASE NOTE: I don't work for Barry or his organizations. I don't know him personally. I'm like that guy on PBS that talks about Mozart, the knowledge is based on 35 years of study, not from any insider information. *** --JB

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40 years of collecting his music and being a fan. I also own an extensive collection of recordings, interviews, books, magazines and rarities for Barry Manilow.




Professional Actor, Singer, Stage Manager and Announcer. Music enthusiast, performer and composer of my own material. Theater Major, Temple University.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

I've met Barry on several occasions and have 12 different autographed items, all collected personally!

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2016-08-12 curiousity:

Legally, no.   For one, Barry is an emancipated adult, and as such has a say on whom his family is.  For two, he's 73 years old. I'm not sure he's of adoptable age.     You may not be able to adopt him

2016-05-22 song for you:

I'm very sorry, but this is not a direct line to Barry's management or offices.       I don't know Barry personally, nor am I ever in contact with him. I just give information about his songs and career

2016-03-30 Barry's band members:

All the credits for the band and singers is usually found in the tour program. I'm working on getting a copy, because I haven't been able to catch the tour this year.     I know that Kye  and Monica are

2016-01-02 Signed Autograph:

I have to repeat, just to be sure, that I don't work for Barry or his management team. Or, really, anyone with access to Barry directly. My specialty is answering questions about his career, music and

2015-12-25 Barry not at Sinatra Grammy concert:

I'm pretty sure it was a scheduling conflict. Keep in mind, as always, that I don't work for Barry or any production company or agency attached to Barry or Frank Sinatra's estate. I'm just a fan, and my


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