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Metallica! What can I say? I have followed these boys from the underground .. to being the Gods of Heavy Metal! Lol.., I know thier influences, as they have been my own.. I know them, and thier music. Not that I know everything... but you would be suprised at what you learn after awhile.. Groupie ... No! Devoted fan... ;)

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Experience goes back to the day when I first heard Metal Militia on the "NLTL" demo... lol. I still have that tape! That was the first song I ever heard from them... then saw them at the Whiskey ... Raw,unpolished (at least compared to what they would become!), Several concerts... Fandom... lol, Still at 40- something... Amazing... And knowing we/ they are human.... for 4 men of Rock and Roll, a hard thing to admit! To meet... accept and stare down! Not deny... but push the limits. The trick is to never grow too old..
In the heart! :) They are the heart of Metal, then and now.... Looked up to by many... equaled by few...


Metclub :)

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Controversial? Hmmm shall I mention Napster? Or the Loads? Theres always something rather provocative about Metallica ..

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2010-08-29 Lyrics:

Hi Josh . . . :)       Oh yeah theres been a few times, but thats kinda to be expected when you have a catalog the size they do. And he's not the first or only one to have that happen. When you put a song

2010-08-13 Andrew Lloyd Friedman:

My Dear Mr. Friedman:       What a pleasant suprise I got in my inbox! I cannot thank you enough for contacting me, and generously filling in the blanks. The band Kid Creole and the Coconuts that you mentioned

2010-07-15 Metallica and Megadeth?:

Hello Josh . . . :)      Eternal Decision is a band I can honestly say I am not familiar with, but I will do what I can to find out more about them. I will keep you posted on my findings . . Thanks for

2010-07-09 music:

Hello Henrik . . :)         You know, I'm not so sure they actually were thinking of an Indian/vedic influence in their music, as much as most heavy metal in the 80's lacked a heaviness, a strong bass

2010-06-26 Metallica and Megadeth?:

 hello Josh . . :)      I have to apologize for taking so long to answer, I have been really tied up with wedding plans. To answer your question, I am not aware of anything titled Together again, however


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