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Ten years ago I became an "All Expert" on *nsync, but I must admit I am not that much anymore. HOWEVER, if you have questions about their past, I probably still know the answer, and if you have a question about them now, I would really enjoying finding that out as well, so you can ask it me, and I'll find out for the both of us.

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"Admitting you don't know something is the beginning of wisdom... or the absence of an internet connection."

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erica10/20/02101010Thank you VERY much, Rachel. Your answer .....
rachelsteve01/07/02101010Thank you for the information. You gave .....
Linda Haiges07/23/01101010wow she answered in like 5 minutes! .....
Kelli05/17/01101010She answered my question fast and frankly .....

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2006-11-30 n' sync christmas cd:

Hi, I'm sorry it took so long for me to reply, you probably don't even need the answer to this anymore, but.. I belive Justin sings the lead in that specific song, while both he, JC, and Chris sing on

2005-06-13 When is nsync coming back togeter? And whenis the next Cd coming out?:

As far as I know, they have not entered back into the studio to record a new album. It seems unlikely that they will. However, they are all scheduled to appear at their charity event, Challenge for the

2004-11-08 christmas cd:

Hi-   To be honest, I haven't been asked an *nsync all experts in about two years, and have not been keeping up with my *nsync knowledge as a good fan should. However, I am pretty sure that Home For Christmas

2002-10-11 Who "discovered" them!:

I am sooo sorry I didn't get back to you sooner! I didn't even realize I hadn't answered it yet. Well, as far as I know, Lou Pearlman's company TransContinental met up with Chris, and it was HIS job to


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