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I can answer almost questions having to do with *NSYNC. Anything from their music, to the people associated with them, or even specific things such as album sales or facts about the guys.

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I've been an *NSYNC fan since the very beginning, and I'm one of those people who if I'm going to do something, I'm going to go at it full force. So i'm a full force *NSYNC fan who knows probably more than most fans.

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carol11/14/031010Sorry about the 9. I always hate .....
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2005-01-21 A song:

hmmm..."The Valentine Song"? i've never heard of NSYNC doing a song like that. plus, they haven't done a song together for a while...not since before Justin went solo. Did you find it on Kazaa or one of

2004-10-31 hey:

Hey,    I'm not sure there are even many pictures out there of Justin in only his underwere, but you could always search it on google. Just type in "justin timberlake pictures underwear", or something

2003-11-14 JC's association with BT:

I'm not sure exactly when they started haning out, but I know it was even before Celebrity. I think BT helped *NSYNC with a couple of their No Strings Attached tracks, like Space Cowboys so I'm assuming


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