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I can answer questions about the release history of NIRVANA from 1989-Present, questions about the history of the band, life & death of Kurt Cobain, the remaining members of NIRVANA, and most questions about his family. I can fact check tour dates, live shows, and just about anything related.

Experience in the area

I helped out Carrie Borzillo, rock new editor for (now with fact checking, an interview, eyewitness account and was given special thanks in her book Eyewitness Nirvana. I've been studying NIRVANA since 1993 and have read literally thousands of books, magazine articles, and other publications throughout the last decade and a half. My reference collection is huge with just about every book, entire release catalog, and more from all around the world. I started volunteering for in 1999 before it was purchased by sometime in the early 00's. You can find all of the answers to previously asked public question dating back to 1999. I wrote, edited, and published a NIRVANA newsletter (NIRVANA FOREVER), and online zine (About a Son; Lithium) that both ran 7 years on America Online. I've founded and sistered a lot of NIRVANA communities on (NIRVANA FOREVER, Kurt & Jim, and NIRVANA Elitests), and (NIRVANA FOREVER).


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What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I hope to turn people on to NIRVANA and clear up rumors by answering questions to the best of my ability.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

KURT WAS MURDERED!!! This is a theory I stand behind and tell people about all the time. I know facts that most people don't and love to share them. You must remember to keep an open mind when independently investigating the subject and pay close attention to the facts of this open/shut "suicide" case.

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2013-07-12 Was Cobain a good guitarist technically? Was Novoselic a good bassist technically? Was Grohl a good drummer technically?:

Hello again Rautus,    Although it is difficult to answer this question as I am not a musician and have little experience or working knowledge of  for any of the instruments played in the band;  the fact

2011-04-27 qs Nirvana:

Hi Peter,    While I can't say for sure WHY Kurt started to sing and play guitar because I am not him, I can only speculate based on what I know. Kurt came from musically talented and interested family

2010-01-03 Any Progress on case:

Hello Matt,    The only way the case could be reopened for further investigation is if petitioned by a immediate family member like Frances, or Kurt's parents.  You are correct about the house, and also

2009-11-06 Band Name - "Nirvana":

Hello Nick,    As you may already know, the band went through a lot of different names, (and different drummers!!) before settling  on a name, NIRVANA. Kurt actually named the band himself, and to quote

2009-10-29 Dave Groh's drum sticks:

Hello Andrew,    Dave used Aquarian Power-Sleeve 2B sticks that he held upside-down. This was confirmed by Barrett Jones the drum technician for NIRVANA.    You are correct about the Drums, Cymbals, and


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